RESÒ – international residency program.

RESÒ-1, il primo progetto in Italia che vede la partecipazione di un’intera rete di istituzioni culturali a servizio dell’esperienza di residenza. Il progetto mira alla creazione di una piattaforma permanente di residenze d’eccellenza per la mobilità degli artisti in IN e OUT.

Italian – Piedmont Residencies

The PAV – Park of Living Art — Experimental centre of contemporary art is many things together: a public space in a city in progress, an outdoor exhibition centre, a place of encounter and laboratorial experiences, a centre of research interested in the dialogue between contemporary art, science, nature and ecology.

The Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte was founded in Banna,in the province of Turin, in 2004. The Foundation is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of contemporary art through a program of workshops and seminars…

Since 1998, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto has run the UNIDEE in Residence International Program. UNIDEE is an interdisciplinary program, open to all creative professionals, from isual artists to cultural actors, designers to architects and all those whose practice centres around taking a responsible stance
in society.

International Residencies

CAPACETE is an independent residency and art platform founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1998 and also active in São Paulo since 2008. Its activities reflect its long-term interdisciplinary initiatives as a mobile and independent art space.


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